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Shizenki Ryu Karate Association

Menkyo Kaiden & Soke
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Avelino R. Mayoral, Hanshi, Kaiden Menkyo, Soke San Dai Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu
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Shizenki Ryu Karate Association



Avelino R. Mayoral, Soke San Dai
Practicing kata

The Shizenki Ryu Karate Association was formed in 1964 by the late Soke Nidai, Louis Fried. It is the only true Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu karate association that all black belt practitioner's of Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu first are acknowledged by. After a Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu practitioner has obtained his Shodan and beyond, they is certified, registered, with the Shizenki Ryu Karate Association. All Kyu ranks in Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu are members of the Shizenki Ryu Karate Association, but it is the Shizenki Ryu Karate Association that registers all practitioners of Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu's rank.
In November of 1991, after Soke Nidai, Louis Fried's death, it was his wish, for his top black belt practitioner, Avelino R. Mayoral, to take over not only as his successor, but as the President of the Shizenki Ryu Karate Assoication.

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