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Avelino R. Mayoral, Soke, Hanshi, Menkyo Kaiden
Judan, 10th dan Black belt Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu

The late Kenwi Tasuki founded Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu in 1920. Tasuki was born August 20th, 1885 and died July 16, 1955. He was born into a family that lived in poverty. Kenwi’s father, Itagaki and mother made a small income from farming. Kenwi was an only child and his duties were to work the farm alongside his father and mother. Kenwi’s father (Itagaki) that introduced him to Tomari-Te. Itagaki was a direct practitioner to Kosaku Matsumora. Matsumora was an Okinawan that lived from 1829-1898. He studied the art of Tomari-Te under Karyu Uku and Ki Teruya and Tode under Seisho Arakaki.


Louis started training in Shizenki Ryu in 1941. Louis Fried was born: March 27, 1934, and died: November 13, 1991. On January 6, 1965, 9-year old Avelino R. Mayoral started training under Louis. Avelino had a deep hunger to learn Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu. In 1969, Avelino received his Shodan, 1st degree black belt. He was only 13 years old at the time. He kept his study of karate a strict secret and only selected few even knew he earned black belt. Of course, it took Avelino performing at a Junior High School talent contest, demonstrating his Karate skills, for all of his kept secrets to finally be unraveled. After years of training in Shizenki Ryu and earning his Godan, 5thDan Black belt, Louis Fried, appointed Avelino his Soke Dai. Avelino worked his way up in the Dan ranks to finally becoming Louis Fried’s heir.


To be a legitimate heir and appointed a Soke head of family, the current Soke (head of family) must be retired or pasted the art down by his death or retirement. Louis Fried, on November 13, 1991, died. The impact of the death of Louis was rendered via a telephone call to Avelino. Avelino was informed by April (his widow), of Louis’s wishes. In Louis’s will, stated that Avelino would be appointed as his successor, and takes over all duties. Avelino before Louis’s death, already held the rank of Judan, 10thDan black belt in Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu. Avelino earned the Menkyo Kaiden from Louis Fried. On November 1991, Avelino officially was Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu’s Soke San Dai, Judan, 10th Dan Red Belt and was appointed Louis Fried’s successor (heir of Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu-in 1991).


Today beside his top position in Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu, Soke San Dai Mayoral has earned black belt rankings in Dragon Kenpo Karate (Sandan, 3rdDan Black belt), a Black belt in American Eclectic karate (Shodan, 1stDan Black belt) and also holds the black belt rank of Godan, 5thDan black belt in Shoshin Jutsu Kempo Karate. Soke San Dai Mayoral is the President of the Shizenki Ryu Karate Association (which was founded in 1960 by the late Soke Ni Dai Louis Fried).




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